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A game of sausage: Sausage Legend

Each day is released numerous games in the shops of applications of our devices mobile. Many is best forget them, others are of great quality and there are some that of it rare that are deserve that you pay attention. In that last group include a Sausage Legend, a game of struggle with… sausages!

If you thought that there was already enough fight in mobile games… get ready to watch the game of sausages. It’s free, so you’ll be able to try it without compromise. The game is as sounds. It is a Street Fighter with sausages. Aside a sausage and other, other. There are different types of sausage between who can choose and secure that if are common of this type of food them will know very well.

Each sausage has its own repertoire of movements and skills, which brings more depth to the game. The sausages are punctured by holders, leading to the feeling that emanates in the user even more disturbing. But in general it is a curious game that deserves to be highlighted by crazy that is. Among all them bad games that come to the shops of apps, as App Store or Google Play, sometimes are slightly overshadowed titles of this type. Games that not are precisely the pump, that not have an engine graphic spectacular or that its replay value not is extends during hours, but that at least have capacity for surprise.

In Sausage Legend have 26 sausages of the world whole, an engine of physical conscientious, graphic 3D that dan the hit and the opportunity of play to double in versus. Would of truth you can ask more to a game where their protagonists are sausages? Perhaps a few unlockable, but by what we read, seems to also have them. Therefore… sausage to power!

Via: iTunes

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