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Pocket Mortys introduces 11 new Mortys to the game

Actualizacion Mortys

Remember the fun Pocket Mortys? When is launched speak long and laying of it, coming to the conclusion of that is was of one of them titles more addictive and original of the moment. Makes a time that does not stop our attention on it, but today back to the load due to a recent update that has received.

With it we add 11 new Mortys, as well as other news. As of usual, them new Mortys that is have attached to the party are so crazy as them earlier. Them developers return to make use of all its ability for it inventive to create characters extravagant in its whole. Some of these versions of them Mortys are quite surreal and others come to seem us unpleasant, by say it’s a way very fine.

Another of them added will is reflected in the presence of new attacks: Absorb and Poison. To this is added the objects Courier Flap and Poison Cure. When use Courier Flap what we will do will be teleport to the hub of the Citadel. Finally, we also find laboratories movements Morty, where we have the opportunity to relearn the movements that we have previously forgotten throughout the game. This allows that, without import it age of Morty, can teach you them attacks that want or change the style of game of Morty and of the other members of the team that bring.

The developers are very convinced that this update will be enough so that the users and fans of the universe of Morty have enough power as to be able to wait for the premiere of the next season of the animated series. So, if you are fans of Morty, we recommend that you go entering task to capture all those missing you, that surely will not be just few view all that there is.

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