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Sacred Legends comes soon to mobile

If you are gamer saga safe Sacred sounds. He has had numerous incarnations on PC and consoles and now prepares for the jump to mobile with Sacred Legends. This time we will be in an action RPG, which gives us the feeling of that will follow the footsteps of Sacred 3, action game that was released in digital format a few years ago. Possibly they incorporate more RPG elements and a small dose of free to play.

Sacred began as a saga role-playing extreme, so complicated that not all users could do with their pace. Over time it had several incarnations in which genres were changing and is likely that this lack of identity will help to expand the name of the franchise. But from 2014, which is when 3 Sacred was launched, we have not had news of the game.

So he says, his return occurs with Sacred Legends on mobile devices. And the wake seems similar to the Sacred 3, to the view that the game will introduce us to map areas that they will be closed and where we will have to eliminate all the enemies in certain periods. This was already seen in the latest installment of consoles and resembled very much giving the Blizzard Diablo franchise, but with different characteristics.

You will arrive in the summer and we know that it will be a very ambitious project. Prepares it the Publisher Deep Silver with the development of Chimera Entertainment. The result you are looking for is to be a game that has the quality and values of production of the consoles, to try to give a higher jump. On the other hand, we know that you will have way PvE and PvP, while the equipment will be one of its big advantages.

We will be to see if Sacred manages to reform itself in mobile, something that would be fair after how bad that the franchise has had.

Via: Pocketgamer

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