Tuesday , May 31 2016

To build cities on Angry Birds Holiday

Good for Rovio, which is launching new birds games as if everything else didn’t you absolutely nothing. But this time it is more than justified, since it is a good accompaniment to the film. The new game is called Angry Birds Holiday Island and is a farm that follows in …

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Rabbids Heroes, the Hearthstone DOE version

Battles cards games multiply! The Hearthstone phenomenon continues to receive imitators who try to take the mechanics of these confrontations with letters to their land. Recently launched Skylanders Battlecast, well following those steps, and now we discover the existence of Rabbids Heroes, Ubisoft. The Rabbids are about characters who have …

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Clans clash receives a major update with lots of new features


Loyal to Clans Clash players are accustomed to that game receives large content updates on a regular basis. This is how has managed to become an essential title. This time the update not only improves various aspects and incorporates small changes, since it also includes any truly interesting addition. One …

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Sacred Legends comes soon to mobile

If you are gamer saga safe Sacred sounds. He has had numerous incarnations on PC and consoles and now prepares for the jump to mobile with Sacred Legends. This time we will be in an action RPG, which gives us the feeling of that will follow the footsteps of Sacred …

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Britney Spears: American Dream will you surprise


When celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian staged their own games our face was as of… “Would seriously?” And then we play these games and we had to say “because they are not bad”. Thus they are things, what is Caesar for Caesar. So with the release of …

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10 videogames that have marked a before and after in Spain

Video Games have always been very present among Spaniards is one way or another. In times past in the form of arcade, then to consoles and computers and now mobile phones. Web Online Champion has drawn up a list of the 10 most influential among the Spaniards and brings together …

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Hello world!

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