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10 videogames that have marked a before and after in Spain

Video Games have always been very present among Spaniards is one way or another. In times past in the form of arcade, then to consoles and computers and now mobile phones. Web Online Champion has drawn up a list of the 10 most influential among the Spaniards and brings together all kinds of classics. We have given a small touch of personalization to introduce more mobile titles, because at the end and at the end it is that in which we specialize. Look at what most cuckoo listing has been us.

1 Space Invaders

The “Martians” of life. He was born in arcades, we engaged everyone and became classic Basic. The sound that made “flies” down the screen yet we get head. The Space Invaders interest has led to that there are many official versions available on mobile phones. We recommend Space Invaders (as is, Taito Corporation) and Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

2 Pac-Man

The “Pac-Man” (before everything put you nickname…), that it was to eat all the points of the screen and use the power pills to eat ghosts instead of letting it eat for them. It began still easy, but as you followed advancing the difficulty level increased a lot. The fame of the character has resulted in a highly successful franchise. In mobile we recommend it enjoyed in the renovated 256 Pac-Man.

3 Tetris

The ultimate puzzle game. Of hours that we spent with the Game Boy playing and playing non-stop to the rhythm of a catchy music which had. If many of the children born in the 80s now use glasses is because Tetris and how bad that was the screen. In Mobile you can find it in various versions, such as Tetris Blitz.

4 Street Fighter

If we talk about fighting, this game from Capcom has always been King. “He who wins, against my”, was something that was much heard in the arcades. Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li were idols of the 80s and encouraged us to even register in karate class. The saga is still active (recently was launched the fifth numbered delivery) and in mobile, we recommend the addictive Stret Fighter IV.


Since we got FIFA cartridge in our Mega Drive console, we knew that we had fun for hours. Up to our father threw a few games and hallucinated with chants of the audience. Year after year is required to play a new FIFA and moving them have all of them also.

6. World of Warcraft

List of Online Champion includes the MOBA League of Legends in one of their positions. And we must recognize that the fandom by this title is enormous, but we must also recognize that its strength of pasted is much less than other online games. And you only have to attend a big event of World of Warcraft to know what is the online game that has marked the Spanish: the title of Blizzard. There is no mobile version… too bad.

7 Candy Crush

King are very young, because you know how to do puzzle games that engage in a disproportionate manner. With this title got the impossible: that even your grandma is hooked to mobile to play. The level of addiction that provides is otherworldly and same thing happens with 20 or 30 identical games that King has in its catalogue.

8 Sonic

In the list that have sent us had gotten Super Mario, and we agree with it. But now Super Mario has no presence in mobile and his rival’s life, Sonic, Yes. It is truth that the fame of Sonic has fallen in recent years, but at the time was as high as the Mario. The blue hedgehog has marked many Spaniards. On mobile phones have so many games that we do not know what recommend… we are left with Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom and Sonic & all-stars Racing Transformed.

9 Doom

Change Counter Strike, the choice of the original list, by Doom, because if we talk about impact on society Spanish of this second game was greater. It was the title that said “see, this is a FPS and mola which you spend”. And Yes, we marked at all. Doom has been a story of eternal love for many years. In mobile we recommend it play in the form of Doom Classic, which never goes out of fashion.

10 Angry Birds

But how you can let someone Rovio birds out of the list? The fame that Angry Birds had at the time became superior to any other game of mobile. It is not how many people played it, but how many people lived it. And for a time there was no one that does not take the birds in your smartphone.

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