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Rabbids Heroes, the Hearthstone DOE version

Battles cards games multiply! The Hearthstone phenomenon continues to receive imitators who try to take the mechanics of these confrontations with letters to their land. Recently launched Skylanders Battlecast, well following those steps, and now we discover the existence of Rabbids Heroes, Ubisoft.

The Rabbids are about characters who have been so exploited that we’ve already seen them practically in any situation. Why surprised that now become the protagonists of a game of battles with letters, but understand it, since the designs of the characters are very well in a game of cards where raw material the visuals.

Letters that go throughout the game will be able to use them to defeat enemies and can it do both PvP and PvE. The particularity of the clashes is that she develops live and with the opportunity to move your character. This can allow us to move it around the stage to, for example, put us on his back and thus make them more damage when they give us a letter from attack.

At the moment Rabbids Heroes is available in Canada, being the country chosen by Ubisoft for the first test and possibly use it as a basis for the expansion of the game for the rest of the world. Among the various proposals we’ve seen from the rabbids, this is possibly the best title among all those who have been released recently. But speak without knowledge of the facts, since by now it’s an enigma for us not be available to play in our market.

If to Ubisoft comes out well will clearly have in his hand the “Hearthstone for kids“, a game it would be rare that also take him to some consoles, since this type of title is much enjoyed in all kinds of moments.

Via: PocketGamer

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