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New Star Soccer G-Story, football and choose your own adventure

New Star Soccer G-Story

If the soccer fans are safe sounding you saga Star Soccer and in that case we have news for you, one good and one bad actually. The good is that there is a new installment of the franchise in road and “bad” is that it will change with respect to the usual genre. But it is not all bad news, since gender change going to sit very well.

On this occasion, what we find is a book type “choose your own adventure”, but set in the world of football so that we can experience what a footballer feels. The interesting thing is that a page we will be taking decisions that affect what happens in our history. There will be decisions that we will make out of the field and others that will be carried out on the pitch, changing the development of parties.

They say developers that all the decisions we make will end up influencing the progress of history and can have a significant impact on what happens thereafter. During the game we have been promised an interesting story with many twists of script, several roads and different finishes that will make that “we read it” on several occasions.

In addition, not only it is an actual book, but it incorporates the game engine that has made famous the New Star Soccer saga that we participate actively in the development of the parties. They will have to make decisions, but we also enjoy the style that has characterized previous deliveries.

It is now available with a high level of customization, much replay value for the whole issue of stories at a price of 3.99 euros in Apple’s App Store. For those looking for something else related to football can’t think of us nothing better.

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