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Clans clash receives a major update with lots of new features

Clash of Clans dragon baby

Loyal to Clans Clash players are accustomed to that game receives large content updates on a regular basis. This is how has managed to become an essential title. This time the update not only improves various aspects and incorporates small changes, since it also includes any truly interesting addition.

One of the novelties is the presence of two new spells. The first is dark category and received the name of Skeleton Spell. It allows us to call a group of skeletons we are where we are in the field of battle. Another spell is called Clone Spell and creates an energy field that will double to all units passing through it. This last can be really powerful, but it is also true that the game is balancing to remove what seems most obvious. Analyzes millions of moves daily and based on that customize the performance of the clashes.

In addition, also we have two new units. One of them is the miner, which acts getting underground in order to trace important strategies. The other is the baby dragon, which comes from Clash Royale and that we will sound another title due to that when his players, none of them are high.

Also new are the Friendly Battles, in which we can fight with our friends without losing valuable members of our army. We play no more and use this new mode as a place where to focus our strategies to put them to the test. It is also the ideal place to demonstrate to our friends that we are still in time to give them a beating and to know who is in charge in the House at the moment.

Finally, several new features added: we have more ease in editing mode, the war logs are available publicly and during the attacks now is the number of people that are watching live

Via: Pocket Gamer

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